Question: How Do You Enter the Results of Foster/Adoption Home Finger Prints in SACWIS?


The results are entered in the Verifications - Criminal Record Check section of the Home Study.


You should create a separate entry for Applicant 1 and Applicant 2 and, if required, a separate entry for each Other Adult Household Member who resides in the home.


The Verification screen is located via Home Study (HS), open the Initial HS, or the current open HS record. This will open to the Home Study Topics screen, then select Verifications, select Criminal Record Check from the list of verification topics.


Document each person's fingerprint results in the narrative sections within the verifications link in the specific home study(s).


In addition, also document all fingerprint results for each adult residing in the home (including applicants and other adult household members) in separate Activity Logs in the Provider record in the following manner:

Contact Type = General

Category = Foster Home Applicant, Adoptive Home Applicant, and/or Foster/Adoptive Applicant (whichever is applicable),

Sub-Category = BCII check and/or FBI check


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